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22nd July 2024 
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Therapeutic Approach

My Approach
The approach I use is the Clarkson relational model which integrates three key schools of counselling psychotherapy theory: Psychodynamic, Humanistic and Transpersonal. I also have post graduate training in Attachment based psychotherapy, mindfulness, CBT, EMDR, energy psychotherapy and EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique.

I work with adults, provide a confidential environment, where I help people to ease their suffering, often to resolve or find solutions for their distress or challenges in life. I typically help clients who are experiencing: stress, anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, trauma and grief can be explored understood and processed. Clients wishing to work through traumatic experiences may find energetic psychotherapy techniques such as Emotional Freedom Technique particularly beneficial. Sessions can help you explore your inner resources, create new perspectives, insights and understanding of yourself, your relationships and the challenges you are facing. In addition our sessions can offer you scope for personal acceptance, adaption or change and can help you gain a better sense of control in your life.

The experience of Counselling is unique for each person so it is not easy to describe in specific terms. To find out more you could telephone me or book an initial session which gives you the opportunity to find out if you would like to work with me, and for me to consider how best to help you.

In our first session together provides the opportunity for you to talk about your current situation and what you would like to gain from our sessions, and to discuss confidentiality and the commitment to work together.


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